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Lions and Tigers at Suzie's Pride Sanctuary, Rockwell, NC. Olympus E-5 DSLR, Zuiko 12-60mm SWD f/2.8 Lens. ©RFL Photography 2012.
Rick and Maggie May, 4 month old Tiger, 40 lbs.P8266207P8260412P8260413P8260417P8260419P8266066P8266070P8266071P8266073P8266074P8266075P8266076P8266077P8266079P8266080P8266081P8266087P8266089P8266090

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Keywords:Big Cats, Lions and Tigers, Olympus E-5, Suzies Pride, Zuiko 12-60mm f/2.8 SWD Lens, ©RFL Photography 2012, Big Cats, Lions, NC, Nature, Outdoors, Suzie's Pride, Tigers, wildlife